A plant for any project, in any location, delivered healthy and on time. It's our commitment to every partner we do business with. We're Etera®, the green roof division of Northwest Horticulture, a national leader in groundcover and perennial plug and cutting production. Simply put, Etera® is the "green" in green roof. If you're a company with a dedication to quality, the environment and excellence, then Etera® is a company you'll want to get to know. 

Having the right partner makes the all the difference. Like you, we're prepared to follow opportunity and deliver on promises. Since no two projects are alike you need a supplier who has the capacity, products and know-how to satisfy your different needs. You might need SEDUM TILE®mats for one project, bulk SEDUM cuttings for the next. Etera® has you covered. SEDUM TILE® mats, bulk Sedum cuttings, plugs - you name it we grow it. 

Give us a call. East, West, Midwest. You never know where your next project might be. With one phone call you can order with confidence and expect consistent quality to be delivered to each and every project. From field, to truck to rooftop we'll get you healthy plants on time.