Etera® offers green roof plant options with possibilities limited only by the imagination.

From installation to maturity, explore these green rooftops through the seasons to discover what to expect. Browse our projects for details on planting methods and techniques that have worked well for others.  CLICK HERE to see a short video on SEDUM TILE® installation. Snohomish, WA  We used Etera® SEDUM TILE® Pre-Vegetated Mats for part of a demonstration project in Snohomish, Washington. The entire project consists of five roof sections, each having a different roofing manufacturer and green roof system on it. Park Place, Seattle, WA  Sedum plugs were used when this new 10,000 square foot green roof was added to a 21 story building in the heart of Seattle. It took only two days for the roofing crew to completely plant the roof at a rate of two plugs per square foot. Peace Arch, Blaine, WA  In little more than four hours, workers spread 2,000 pounds of bulk Sedum cuttings, which were shipped in boxes and ready to plant. The effect was an almost instant green roof for this U.S. border station. South Shore School, Seattle, WA  All Seasons SEDUM TILE® Pre-Vegetated Mats were used for this project, which includes a demonstration greenroof that is viewable from classrooms. Our 10" x 20" TILE® was easy to handle and quick to place. Jamesville Prison, Jamesville, NY  When leaky roofs of four housing units at this prison needed to be replaced, the county was given a unique opportunity to study different roof technologies in the upstate New York climate. Custom mixed SEDUM TILE® Pre-Vegetated Mats were installed on the green roof portion. VA Hospital, Tacoma, WA  Sweeping sections of assorted Sedum plugs with a border of Achillea 'Terra Cotta' and Elijah Blue Fescue create a very pleasing design on this roof at American Lake Medical Center. City College, San Francisco, CA SEDUM TILE® with native California perennials incorporated in was custom grown for the green roof on the City College Joint-Use Classroom Building. Many other sustainable elements were designed into the project targeting a LEED Platinum rating.
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