Jamesville Correctional Facility
Jamesville, NY (a suburb of Syracuse)

SEDUM TILE® was used on one of four test roofs at the Jamesville Prison in Syracuse, NY: A Baseline Roof, a Cool Roof, a Solar Reflective Roof, and a Green Roof were installed for this study.
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For the green roof, 5,142 SEDUM TILE® were delivered to the secure site on two trucks. A forklift hoisted recyclable pallet shippers to the roof edge where the TILE® could be offloaded as needed.

It took six workers a day and a half to install SEDUM TILE® over 4" of growing media. Since SEDUM TILE® is especially easy to handle, cut to fit, and install, it is ideal for installers whose primary expertise is not necessarily plants. It is also perfect for instant coverage and low maintenance.

A custom mix chosen for quick, full coverage included: Sedum acre 'Gold Moss'; Sedum album 'Coral Carpet'; Sedum spurium 'John Creech'; and Sedum sexangulare. This mix of plant varieties was almost completely green when installed in mid-September 2009. No permanent irrigation was installed, but temporary irrigation was available for establishment.

By late September 2009, the plants were thriving. The cooler fall temperatures promote Sedum album 'Coral Carpet's' namesake fall and winter color. Some of the benefits of Green Vegetated Roofs include energy savings, extended life of the roof, storm water management and a wide array of environmental economic and aesthetic features.

A monitoring system was installed to provide ongoing information about the ambient temperature, the roof temperatures on the inside surface and between the concrete and insulation, and the indoor space temperatures. The analysis will allow the county to collect information that will assist in making future roof replacement decisions and in stemming the flow of storm water runoff into their sanitary sewer systems.

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