Delivery Information

Etera® Shipping & Packaging

A national distribution system assures no matter where your project is located, we can deliver your product when you need it.  We can ship to your site via air or on our temperature-controlled trucks to assure the highest quality product that performs to your needs for any size green roof installation.  Please contact us to discuss specific dates and requirements for your delivery.

Boxed Shipments

For small to medium Sedum plug, bulk and TILE shipments:

  • UPS
  • FedEX
  • Heavy Weight Air Palletized Shipping delivery direct
  • Air Freight – airport to airport (door to door service available)
Pallet Shipments

For Sedum Plugs:

  • Stackable, crush resistant packaging on pallets
  • Air circulation (critical to plant health and quality)
  • Lower cost vs. traditional boxes
  • Available for shipments of 72 trays
Pallet Shipments


  • Tiles shipped in simple stacks
  • Pallets wrapped in mesh
  • Minimal packing materials to dispose of
  • Efficient use of space in transport