SEDUM TILE® Pre-vegetated Mats

An innovative option for immediate on-roof planting and instant ‘Green Roof’. Our 12″ x 24″ TILE® (using one of our standard mixes or planted to your mix requirements) can be shipped anywhere in the country and installed quickly by installation crews on-site. A coconut fiber base assures effective rooting of plants to the underlying growth medium and holds the tile together for easy installation. Contact Us at (877) 694-7613 or to request a quote.

Standard SEDUM TILE® Mixes

Color Max

This blend of Sedums is for the roof where maximum color is desired. This comes in the form of brightly colored foliage, flowers in abundance, and colors that blend and go together well.

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Tuff Stuff

Sometimes particular places are unusually harsh and difficult for plants. The Sedums in this mix are the toughest, most durable, most drought-resistant choices available. They have proven ability to survive wind, cold, heat, drought, and tough environments that limit plant choices.

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All Seasons

This mix provides flowers throughout the growing season. Winter interest and seasonal foliage color changes are also found in this group. This is a good, general purpose mix that provides year-round roof top beauty.

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Custom and Non-standard Mixes

Custom SEDUM TILE® Mats

Our Custom SEDUM TILE® mat options are limitless! Choose any combination from the Standard Sedum ground covers list to create your very own tile mix. For added interest, choose accent plants from our list of Proven Performers and we’ll insert plugs into the SEDUM TILE ® mat during production.

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Red Mix

Red Mix includes a blend of Sedums for use when a maximum red color is desired.

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Blue Mix

Blue Mix includes a blend of Sedums for use when a maximum blue/purple color is desired.

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Sun & Shade

The plants in this group are those that have demonstrated abilities to withstand the difficult conditions of shade.  All Sedums do best in higher light, but this group can tolerate low-light better than most.

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